Introducing the Oil of the Future for Sustainable Heavy Duty Fleets

This oil is a real game changer. We’re really proud of the benefits that it offers our customers.

Reduced Fuel Consumption 

Provides up to a 4.5% reduction in fuel consumption versus conventional 15W‑40 engine oils, although actual improvement depends on equipment type, duty cycle, driving conditions and current engine oil. A typical fuel economy improvement of more than 1.5% for combination trucks in highway driving and more than 3.0% for single unit trucks in city driving means an annual savings of $250-$650 per vehicle (based on Federal Highway Administration estimates of average annual mileage and fuel economy).

 Leading Edge Technology Years Ahead 

The advanced chemistry protects your heavy duty gasoline or diesel engine from wear, soot, deposits, corrosion and oxidation by delivering CJ-4/SN performance while offering  enhanced fuel economy. This superior protection was proven during thousands of hours of scientific testing and over one million miles of real-world driving by a Class 8 truck with Cummins ISX15 engine.

Meets the Latest API and OEM Requirements 

It exceeds the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications for both diesel and gasoline engines and is backward compatible with all previous API 4-stroke engine categories. It meets or exceeds the latest OEM requirements for Cummins, Caterpillar, Mack, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, and other heavy duty engine manufacturers.

Extended Service Intervals 

It is designed to protect equipment in the harshest environments while also extending service intervals. This allows our fleet customers to save time, expense and natural resources.

High Total Base Number 

With a 10.5 TBN rating to control engine deposits, bore polishing is prevented and acidic contaminants are neutralized while maintaining a maximum of 1.0% sulfated ash required for modern-day exhaust emission systems.

Excellent Low Temperature Performance 

It provides faster delivery to the engine’s working surfaces for superior wear protection and reduced friction during cold starts.

Reduced Oil Consumption 

Low NOACK volatility, a standard test method for evaporation loss of engine oil, means reduced oil consumption and a decreased need to top off oil between service intervals especially in extreme operating conditions.

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