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We formulate our products to eliminate known carcinogens.

Many of our products are non-bio accumulative.

For specific environmentally sensitive applications our products are biodegradable.

For specific environmentally sensitive applications our products are virtually nontoxic in the OECD 203 Method aquatic toxicity test.

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Many of our products have a low VOC profile.

We formulate ozone safe aerosols.

Many of our products help reduce green house gas emissions and reduce our customer’s carbon footprint.

We develop products that reduce emissions such as soot (Particulate Matter) and NOx, which will help reduce air pollution.


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The combination of our consultative solutions and product technologies reduces energy consumption resulting in energy efficiency and measurable energy savings.

Our fuel improvers substantially reduce harmful exhaust emissions and increase fuel economy through more efficient combustion.

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Our products help increase overall operation efficiency which results in decreased costs and enhances the sustainability of our customer’s operations.

Our Hydrosynthetic® industrial and automotive lubricants allow for exceptionally long drain intervals, thus conserving petroleum resources and reducing waste oil disposal in the environment.


Hydrotex Ecological Stewardship is practiced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by the entire Hydrotex team.  We are committed to providing our customers, our neighbors and our children with a legacy of clean air, clean water and a safe environment.

We can work with you to make a positive contribution to sustainable business practices.