Waste Treatment

Waste Treatment


Biotechnology is one of the key catalysts in reducing odors and Sludge in waste water. Biological blends are selected and adapted for superior kinetic and degradation characteristics, and are formulated for specific organic waste odor reduction.


Biological Augmentation is augmenting or supplementing the existing natural occurring system with selectively adapted strains that are capable of higher rates of organic reduction or that are capable of degrading organic levels that have previously been considered problematic.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Non Pathogenic
  • User Friendly
  • Proven Technology


  • Substantial Odor Reduction

Problem Solving Approach

  • Collect Data
  • Analyze System
  • Determine Objective


  • Innovative, eco-friendly natural products and solutions to replace conventional treatments that may be less effective and more hazardous to the environment
  • Micro- Treat (Bacterial Liquid C.F.I.A. Registered) (Agriculture Canada)