FREE-EZE represents the latest breakthrough in penetrating lubricant technology. By combining rapid freezing action with an advanced, rust eating formula, seized or rusted parts are easily released. Shrinkage of sprayed parts quickly breaks open micro fine fissures allowing the lubricant to easily penetrate even the toughest rust.

The innovative XA-17 Rust Eating Technology then dissolves and converts rust making the job a snap and future maintenance easier as well. Ideal for use in the most demanding penetrating lubricant applications including rusted manifold bolts, exhaust flanges, industrial, marine, farm, or other outdoor exposed equipment.



Advanced Formula Penetrating Lubricant

  • Freezing Action Breaks Open Rust Barrier
  • Innovative XA-17 Rust Eating Technology Dissolves Rust
  • Nonconductive to 33,000 Volts
  • Ultra Low VOC Content; No ChlorinatedSolvents; No Ozone Depleters
  • 360 Degree Valve to Spray in Any Position
  • Large Button Helps Prevent Freezing Skin