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Selecting the correct lubricant improves equipment efficiencies and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Hydrotex manufactures and distributes over 300 products which include over 30 different types of grease.

Hydrotex is committed to providing our customers the best total lubrication solution for their equipment.

  • pupil-2Achieve the Lowest Annual Lubrication Expense
  • Reduce Waste Lubricants
  • Reduce Maintenance Labor Hours
  • Extend the Service Life of Equipment
  • Extend Drain Intervals
  • Minimize Unplanned Downtime
  • Improve Maintenance Schedules
  • Manage Continuous Improvement Programs


smartwayHydrosynthetic Base Fluids, are combinations of the best synthetic base fluids for particular applications.  These fluids are the most pure base stocks allowing us to develop superior products and solutions for our customers’ specific applications.
Our Hydrosynthetic industrial and automotive lubricants allow for exceptionally long drain intervals, thus conserving petroleum resources and reducing waste oil disposal into the environment.

We work with our customers to reduce fuel consumption and bus emissions. These are two keys to becoming a SmartWay Transportation Partner.
Learn more at: www.epa.gov/smartway/

Pupil Transportation Industry

NAPTHydrotex® is Proud to be a Participating Member and Sponsor of NAPT and NAPT’s Americas Best Competition.

We support over 18 State Pupil Transportation Programs and two Regional Conferences; STN Expo & Southeastern States APT.

The Hydrotex Solution


[mks_one_half]The Hydrotex School Bus Maintenance Program is designed to let you cope with all the challenges inherent in a school bus operation. It’s a tested and proven program, successfully implemented in school districts across the United States.[/mks_one_half]


With Hydrotex, you get more than quality products. You get a proactive maintenance program for your specific needs. Hydrotex lubricants allow routine maintenance and safety checks to be performed on a calendar or a mileage basis. Work is scheduled in advance, using known idle periods such as school holidays and vacation time. Record keeping is simplified and a detailed service history can be easily recorded and maintained.

Lubrication training is a vital step in developing and maintaining successful maintenance programs. Through our Hydrotex Lubrication University, we offer fundamental and customized lubrication training, such as, our Principles of Lubrication, Fuel Management seminars and customer specific training.
Training can result in a safer bus fleet, longer equipment life, less downtime, extended maintenance intervals and sizable savings in parts and labor.



Oil & Fuel Analysis Programs


[mks_one_third]These detailed and in-depth analysis programs identify potential problems before they cause equipment downtime. Our laboratories evaluate each sample to determine problems and report them so corrective actions can be taken; an independent laboratory is utilized for oil analysis and testing.[/mks_one_third]


[mks_one_third]Hydrotex collaborates with customers on Lubrication Management, a reliability‑centered process that focuses on solutions to enhance our customers’ overall operating model by reducing operating and maintenance costs and increasing reliability.[/mks_one_third]



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Selecting the correct lubricant and fuel improver solution improves equipment efficiencies and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Hydrotex sells exclusively through our trained Hydrotex Representatives.