About Hydrotex

The history of Hydrotex is rooted in innovation borne of need.

essentialube_classicToday, Hydrotex representatives harness that need to know, change and grow to ask the tough questions of their industry clients. By evaluating the processes by which business operates and pairing them with products that enhance sustainability by reducing operating costs, extending life of machinery, and creating faster, better, more reliable actions, Hydrotex representatives serve as valuable experts who offer ideas and solutions to further your business’s success.


Hydrotex representatives are independent business people supported by a national organization committed to these core values:


Offer the best product value available when all aspects of product application and business transaction are considered. Provide customers and representatives with the most efficient and reliable service in the industry, including product and product information delivery.


Provide representatives and employees with outstanding career opportunities and ability to make change within the industry.


Create products and packaging that are state-of-the-art in terms of minimum environmental impact and maximum cost effectiveness to the user.


Support strong family relationships and value high standards of personal integrity across all levels of the organization.


Support strong business relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties, and create a positive daily work experience for all individuals.


What sets Hydrotex apart?
It’s the company’s approach to providing lubrication solutions.