I was visiting with a customer, recently, when he reminded me of an incident several years ago. This customer has a manufacturing process that near the end of the line, their product has to go through a 200 ft oven on a conveyor. This oven is 400 degrees.
This conveyor is chain driven and for many years the chain was lubricated by Hydrotex 520 Hi Temperature chain oil. A competitor had come in and promised the new plant manager he could accomplish adequate lubrication of the chain for about half the price. His parting words were, “It’s the same stuff at half the price”.

The plant manager, thinking he was acting in the best interest of the plant, bought a drum of this chain lube. This was all without the knowledge of the maintenance manager nor myself.

It wasn’t 10 minutes into applying the new chain oil that the new lubricant starting smoking.It was bad enough that an emergency situation was declared, evacuating the plant, and authorities were called in.

They have been a loyal fan of the Hydrotex 520 High Temperature Chain oil to this day.