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Clean Diesel Fuel Management minimizes fluctuations in bulk fuel quality, increases operational reliability

DALLAS – September 2, 2015 – Hydrotex®, a national manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubricant and fuel improver solutions, is now providing Clean Diesel solutions to customers. This will benefit mobile fleet operators using diesel fuel for on-road fleets, off-road construction equipment, agriculture equipment and marine vessels, as well as operators of continuous and standby power generators. The company has collaborated with Donaldson Clean Fuel Solutions, a business within Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), to supply filters and desiccant breathers and will integrate Hydrotex fuel improvers, Diesel Dialysis® treatment, and Diesel Fuel Quality testing and mapping into a total fuel management process.
“Diesel fuel quality varies dramatically, which is inconsistent with the needs of modern diesel injectors and engines,” said John Beasley, chief executive officer. “Clean Diesel will help customers protect their fleet and fuel investment from this inconsistency and prevent a reduction in horsepower and fuel efficiency at the same time.”

Hydrotex Clean Diesel ensures users a cleanliness standard at ISO 14/13/11, which is more than 200 times cleaner than the standard level of cleanliness of a typical bulk fuel delivery. Equipment operators will see an increase in vehicle and equipment reliability, even in cold weather operations; fleet operators will see a reduction in injector and fuel system maintenance costs and on-board fuel filter use.

To help users better manage their diesel fuel quality, Hydrotex created an exclusive online Diesel Fuel Quality interactive reporting system that provides greater visibility and analytical functionality.

Once fuel samples complete eight screening tests, the results are emailed to the user and posted into the online reporting system. Users accessing the program’s proprietary website can then compare current test results against previous samples from the same tank. Users with multiple tanks and locations can map current and historical test results for a comprehensive view of data from all of their tanks and locations.
This specialized functionality can reveal emerging trends in fuel quality, provide metrics for continuous improvement, and deliver data that can justify resource allocation. Findings can be displayed in graphical and geographical formats and exported for use in presentations or electronic sharing.

Hydrotex Clean Diesel is available nationwide. Those interested can contact their local Hydrotex consultant for more information or visit www.MyCleanDiesel.com to learn more about the importance of clean fuel.

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About Hydrotex  Hydrotex helps customers develop sustainable solutions designed to improve system reliability, save energy, limit pollution, extend fixed asset life, reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency. Its products and services leverage more than 75 years of innovation resulting in superior lubrication solutions and high touch customer service. For more information and to find your local Hydrotex consultant, contact www.hydrotexlube.com

About Clean Fuel Solutions
Donaldson Clean Fuel Solutions is a business within Donaldson Company, Inc. dedicated to the bulk filtration of diesel fuel. We believe that fuel-related issues shouldn’t be your operational problem. We believe you shouldn’t be slowed down by dirty fuel, fuel chemistry issues or water in your fuel. We believe that with clean diesel you can Achieve More. For more information, visit www.mycleandiesel.com or call 1 855-518-7784.

About Donaldson Company  Founded 100 years ago, Donaldson (NYSE: DCI) is a global leader in the filtration industry. The Company’s innovative filtration technologies improve people’s lives, enhance Customers’ equipment performance and protect the environment. More than 12,500 employees support Customers at 140 sales, manufacturing and distribution locations. For more information, visit www.donaldson.com