main_pictWe all hate spills. So, when we have to clean it up, doesn’t it make sense to do it in a cost saving, versatile, effective, easy to use, and environmentally responsible way possible? In my 20 years experience, Sphag Sorb is that answer.

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SPHAG SORB is a natural organic absorbent that can be used in all phases of spill clean ups:

The initial response to a spill.
The absorption and clean up of spilled liquids.
The removal and disposal of the contamination.
And the remediation of the contamination with or without hydrocarbon digesting microbes. 

SPHAG SORB is a super absorbent organic compound that is used to clean up oil, gas, diesel fuel, solvents, paints, glycol and organic chemical spills. Peat is partially fossilized plant matter (mostly hemicelluloses, cellulose, and lignin) that is formed in poorly oxygenated wetlands where the rate of accumulation of plant matter is greater than that of decomposition. Peat is a highly porous material with a porosity of approximately 95% and a large specific surface area, which gives it a greater absorption capacity than other common absorbents. 

SPHAG SORB is a Cost saving, Versatile, Effective, Easy to use, and Environmentally responsible absorbent

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