Center pivot irrigation gear boxes have a tough environment to work in. Wet. Dusty. Seasonal. Need to be ready to run long hours in critical times. Enclosed gear cases that are prone to leakage and/or are difficult to service. You get the point.

This is a great video on some of the challenges and solutions for these systems. See how a formulation specifically for Center Pivot Irrigation Gear Boxes…

  • Keeps gear sets and seals coated with lubricant during idle periods when they are most vulnerable to rust and corrosion
  • Significantly reduces gear box failure due to loss of lubricant from worn or leaking seals
  • Eliminates interruptions in the irrigation cycle due to gear box and seal failure
  • Wipe out the demanding physical job of replacing gear boxes during the growing Season
  • Extends Life of Gear Sets and Seals
  • Increases Uptime of Irrigation System during the Growing Season
  • Extend Gear Box Drain Intervals

Bottom line:

  • Improve Irrigation Efficiency
  • Increase Production
  • Reduce Input Costs
  • Conserve Water

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