Zep Professional®Parts Washer Basin Kit (Basin and Filter Starter)


Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced hazardous material disposal
  • Galvanized drawn steel tank
  • Spring loaded door closure with 165 °F fusible link
  • Meets EPA’s 0.75 freeboard requirements


Designed for fast, efficient, and economical cleaning of dirty or greasy parts. Zep Professional’s two-step filtration system extends solvent life and helps protect the environment. Designed to reduce your hazardous material disposal, and requires no solvent recycling or disposal contracts. The filters removes particles down to 10 microns (with optional element), and the trap filter bag removes oils and greases -extending solvent life. Includes: *Parts Washer Basin * 30 Gallon Drum * 1x Filter (50 Micron) * 2x Trap Filter Bags

1 120lb unit.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 in