Misty®Take Off RF-No Ammonia Stripper


Misty®Take Off RF-No Ammonia Stripper

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This aggressive non-ammoniated floor stripper is designed to quickly remove water-based burnished floor finish including acrylic/urethanes and most acrylic seals. This product is suitable for vinyl composition tile, terrazzo, ceramic tile and concrete. Its heavy-duty formula requires less scrubbing and the low residue content minimizes rinsing requirements. The product cuts in half the time and labor required by normal stripping procedures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Floor Finish Stripper
  • Dilutes Up to 1:10 (12.8 oz/gl)
  • Rinse Free Chemistry – Requires No Neutralizing
  • Aggressive Formula – Effective on Acrylic/Urethane Finishes
  • Nonammoniated Fragrance

1 5 gallon jug.


Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 15 in