Misty®Multipurpose Mist Spray Adhesive


Misty®Multipurpose Mist Spray Adhesive

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This advanced formula mist spray adhesive is the one true all purpose adhesive. This unique product utilizes an advanced rubber system to create a product versatile enough for everything from crafts to labels to industrial applications. It’s high heat resistance (over 200°F) allows use in a variety of environments including applications in engine compartments, around boilers, quick tack on headliners and for flash curing during silk screen printing. The formula is pressure sensitive with fast ta

Features & Benefits:

  • Nonchlorinated Mist Spray Formula with Medium Solids
  • Fast Tack, Quick Adhesion for Temporary or Permanent Bonds
  • Waterproof & Non-Staining
  • Flexible & Non-Dimpling
  • Hexane Free Formula

20oz net 14oz case of 12 aerosols.

Misty Multipurpose Mist Spray Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

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