Misty®Island Flower


Features & Benefits:

  • Metered Aerosol Dispenser Refill
  • Ultra Dry Formula for Extended Suspension Time
  • Dual Odor Counteractant System
  • Universal “Tip” Actuator
  • Low VOC Content-50 State Compliant
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This product is a premium air freshener with a dual odor counteractant system. Quickly eliminates foul odors leaving a light pleasant scent that freshens the air and effectively neutralizes smoke, organic decay and more. Ultra fine particulate spray spreads evenly treating large areas in seconds without fall-out or staining. CARB & OTC VOC compliant and contains no ozone depleting materials. Treats up to 6,000 cubic feet in high occupancy areas.

12oz net 7oz case of 12 aerosols.


Additional information

Dimensions 121-127 in