Misty®Battery Cleaner & Protector


Features & Benefits:

  • Water-Based 4N1 Formula
  • Cleans, Detects, Neutralizes & Protects
  • Contains a Color Indicator When Acid Is Present
  • 360° Valve Allows Can to Spray Upside Down
  • No Unpleasant Odor


This advanced formulation serves four applications in a single product – cleans, detects acid, neutralizes acid & protects against corrosion. As a cleaner, the product’s foaming action penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and deposits. As a detector, the foamy light red formula turns brilliant blue in the presence of acid. As a neutralizer, additives in the formula increase the pH to a safer level. As a protector, the red film provides a barrier against corrosion and the elements.

16oz net 15oz case of 12 aerosols.


Additional information

Dimensions 121-1615 in