Misty®Aspire® Baseboard Stripper – FEP


Misty®Aspire® Baseboard Stripper – FEP

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Aspire® Baseboard Stripper is a special high foaming floor stripper formulation developed to let chemistry do the hard work of removing years of unsightly wax and buildup. Ideal for use on vertical surfaces such as baseboards and kick plates not normally reached with water thin conventional liquid stripper applications. It is excellent also for spot stripping hard to reach vertical and horizontal areas where foot traffic is minimal: under desks, tables, counters, along walls, behind fixtures,

Features & Benefits:

  • 96% VOC Fre, Water Based, Nonflammable
  • Aggressive High Foaming Fan Spay Clings To Vertical Surfaces
  • NSF Rating A4, C1
  • Pleasant Light Lemon Fragrance
  • Professional Strength, FEP Aerosol Maintenance Products

20oz net 16oz case of 12 aerosols.


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Dimensions 121-2016 in