Misty®Altrasan® Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer – Fogger


Features & Benefits:

  • Total Release Fogger with Lock Down Valve for Saturation Air Sanitizing
  • Don’t Just Deodorize, Sanitize – Remove Bacteria from the Air
  • Chemically Bonds to Malodor Molecule to Kill Odor Source
  • Nonflammable, Ultra Dry Hydro-Alcoholic Formula
  • Low VOC Content with Less Than 30% by Weight
  • One Shot Treatment – One Can Treats Up to 6000 Cubic Feet
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This product eliminates odors by killing odor causing bacteria from the air when used as directed. As an air sanitizer, this product effectively kills odor causing bacteria to cleanse the air you breathe. As a deodorant, the next generation odor counteractant system chemically bonds with the malodor molecule destroying the odor source instead of just covering up or masking. Odors from mildew, smoke, vomit, feces, urine and putrescence emitting from garbage receptacles, diaper hampers, sinks, drains, toilets, urinals and more are effectively eliminated with this product. Easy-to-use lock down valve totally releases contents in less than 3 minutes to control bacteria up to 6000 cubic feet per can. 16 net 6 oz can.

16oz net 6oz case of 12 aerosols.


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Dimensions 121-166 in