Misty®Alpine Mist™ Extreme Duty Odor Neutralizer


Features & Benefits:

  • Super dry air deodorizer formula with ultra fine particles for maximum diffusion
  • Powered by DeoEssence®, integrated fragrance/odor counteractant system
  • Professional strength for the toughest airborne odors – SMOKE/FIRE, ANIMAL/PET, BIOLOGICAL
  • Long lasting performance – provides superior suspension for extended odor elimination
  • 50 state VOC compliant, nonchlorinated, non-ozone depleting
  • Premium fragrance- ideal for use beyond the restroom
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This air deodorizing product combines our best aerosol delivery system with the latest innovation in professional strength odor counteractant systems. Our super dry formula rapidly and thoroughly diffuses into the targeted air space. The ultra fine particles (less than 5 microns) have excellent bloom and suspension time with no fall out and no wet or oily residue. Powered by DeoEssence®, this unique technology integrates a high performance odor counteractant with the fragrance for maximum performance against the most challenging odors an air deodorizer meets: SMOKE/FIRE (cigar/cigarette, post-fire or cooking cleanup) / ANIMAL/PET (stalls, crate/cage, litter box, urine/feces) / BIOLOGICAL (sewer/trash, decay, vomit, urine/feces, lingering body odor*) *This product is an air freshener, not a body deodorant. Do not apply directly on skin.

20oz net 10oz case of 12 aerosols.


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Dimensions 121-2010 in