Misty®Advanced Electronics Duster NF


Features & Benefits:

  • Nonflammable Dry Electronics Cleaner
  • Pinpoint Blasting Spray; Nonflammable
  • Completely Plastics Safe; High Purity – No Residue Aerosol
  • Use on Electronics, Optics & More
  • Cools Electrical Components


This advanced product, when used with the can in an upright position, is a true high performance duster. The product utilizes the highest purity nonflammable HFC material to create a nonresidue formula that is completely plastics safe and contains no ozone depleters. The blasting spray quickly and easily removes dirt and dust from surfaces including contacts, circuit boards, micro-components, relays, print heads, televisions and monitors, VCR/CD/DVD/DVR devices and more. It is ideally suited for the maintenance of all electronic or electrical devices in industry from computers and office equipment to industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment, but is also excellent for use in optics, arts, and other applications where no-touch precision cleaning is required.

12oz net 7oz case of 12 aerosols.


Additional information

Dimensions 121-127 in