Enforcer®Enforcer Formula 777


Enforcer®Enforcer Formula 777

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Enforcer® Formula 777 E.C.™ Weed Killer is a concentrated product that contains the proven active herbicide ingredient, Bromacil, incorporated in a biodegradable, renewable resource base with built-in emulsifiers. Allows for economical water dilution to be applied as a spray on non-cropland areas, where bare ground is desired.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1.52% Bromacil – Interferes with the photosynthesis process of plants
  • May be diluted as much as 1 part:9 parts water
  • Kills by absorption through the leaves, and absorption of product from the soil into the roots
  • Kills Annual and Perennial grasses and weeds
  • Provides control of all vegetation for up to one season
  • Very low toxicity to both man and animals

4 1 gallon jugs per case.


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