The good folks at Noria recently put out a Lube tip that is spot on. With one small clarification. I’ve often times found that blue smoke (burning engine oil) is an indication of carboned up piston rings. This condition mimics collapsed or worn piston rings, but can be easily corrected with the right inexpensive technique and product.

Give us a call. We’ll be glad to assist you in giving this a whirl.

Quoted from their tip: “Black diesel engine exhaust smoke can be a concern, as can white smoke. However, blue smoke is the worst. It is rarely a transient condition but rather a serious engine defect. It occurs when the engine is burning too much oil due to poor piston ring control (collapsed or worn rings), worn intake valve guides or other causes of high oil ingress into the combustion chamber. Blue smoke usually means the engine is heading for serious trouble. Don’t delay in getting the problem diagnosed and fixed to avoid excessive collateral damage.”